It’s time to ban the Boy Scouts

It’s time to ban the Boy Scouts. Why? Because they have become the “We will adopt the position of our sponsors” Scouts”. It is no longer about boys at all.

Here are two facts to consider:

1. According to the NY Times “more than 70 percent of local scout troops are chartered by religious groups.”

2. Some boys are gay.

Therefore, it is fair to conclude that the Boy Scouts of America are willing to sell out some of the boys, so that they can retain financial sponsorship of certain “religious” groups. 

It must follow that these sponsors have told the Scouts that if they allow gay scouts or gay scout leaders, they will pull the plug on the finances. 

I say that the Boy Scouts are spineless hypocrites, and their supporters are haters. 

Why in the world would any Christian person think that they are supposed to single out one group of people for exclusion? It is unfair, and in direct opposition to the teachings of Jesus. All you have to do read the “Love one another” sections. Jesus also says interesting cool things like “The Father is in me and I am in you.” It doesn’t continue with the words….except for the gay people.

Of course, we can’t expect the Scout leaders (which includes their Church sponsors) to change their position. They are the problem, and they have taken their position. We can’t expect that anymore than we could expect the leaders of the KKK to say that perhaps they were misguided. 

The change will need to come from outside of the group, from people that believe that excluding people based on their orientation is evil, and will stand up for that fact.

Here are another two things that I consider as facts.

1. Being a Boy Scout is a terrific experience. I treasure my scouting memories.

2. There have been some scout leaders that are pedophiles. They, of course, should be excluded for their crimes. Being gay is not a crime.

My recommendation for the Scouts are as follows:

1. Say what you are: Rename yourselves the Heterosexual Scouts of America. If you are going to exclude people, go all the way.


2. Support all boys as the children of God that they are. After you do, you can expect your current supporters to run away, and find another group to hate.

What will happen next? You will find support in abundance from those who love all of God’s creatures, regardless of any race, religion or orientation. I believe that. I would become a supporter for sure.

What motivates me to think this way? It’s a simple matter. All I have to do is imagine that I am a young man that is gay, and I want to be a Boy Scout.



One response to “It’s time to ban the Boy Scouts

  1. Hey Dennis
    I am an Eagle Scout, and was a scout leader and a professional scouter for years.
    And I must sadly agree with you.
    Gerry Clark

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