Meet Fr. Andy Kline

We come to church to worship God and Jesus. That, of course, is primary. Often we decide to stay because of the Pastor. I invite you to come to St.John’s Norristown for the primary reason, I recommend that you get to know Fr. Andy Kline.

Today Father Andy is fussing about how to create some proper signage to let folks know that the church is open. It may not be near the top of the list for his skill set, but nonetheless, it is his to do, along with the thousand other details that he has needed to see to, to re-open St.John’s Norristown.

Fr. Kline is not new to Norristown. The people, their needs and all of the local clergy are well known to him as he has spent the last seven years shepherding the good folks at St.Augustine’s. I have worshipped there with him, he is well loved and will be missed.

Andy is a father to four and husband to Kathy, whom he cares for deeply. He depends on her in ways that only a devoted spouse can. He is terribly bright and sincerely humble. The diplomas from Dartmouth and Yale in his office are a testament to his acumen, yet he carries no Ivy League airs about himself. He is a down-to-earth man with a laugh so raucous that he can shake the glass in the windows.

He is grateful for being raised in privilege, giving all credit and thanks to his parents.

All of these things about Fr. Andy Kline are true, but none of them are the reason you would choose him as your pastor.

If you come to St. John’s you will hear his energetic and deeply thoughtful sermons, but moreover, you will be drawn into his great compassion and love for others.

You will experience his great faith in the way that he prays for us all. Deeply moving prayers, prayers from his soul.

Most of all you will meet a man that begins and ends his day with Jesus Christ, and wants the same for you.


Come and see.



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