St. John’s is not closed.


By some peoples definition, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Norristown was “closed” for a while. I never quite saw it that way. After all, if one hundred and thirty plus people gather four days per week, for a meal staffed by an additional dozen people, I would call that open. If on those days people sit down as a family to share a common meal and pray together, I would call that church.

Still, it is true that some folks had decided to discontinue regular worship for a while. These are good folks, doing what they believed to be right. Bishop Gutierrez, however, wanted worship to continue, in some manner. For the last year, I have had the honor of leading a weekly time of prayer. I have been changed by this, in small and large ways, all of them good.

I plan to write regularly here about the life of St. Johns but for now, I have just this simple message:

St. Johns is not closed.

Soon I will tell you of the big changes coming, and about the Vicar, Fr. Andy Kline. I hope to be telling you very soon about how St. Johns is living the Beatitudes and looking like Jesus.

For now, St. Johns is open. It is open to all and particularly to those who want to be in on the ground floor for a chance to make, and build, and be church. Come and see us on Sunday. September 24th at 10:30 A.M.

As He said…come and see.


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