How Ground Hog Day Is Celebrated Around The World.

1. In Norway, baby Ground Hogs are hung upside down on an evergreen tree, and covered in tinsel, or in the poorer sections, sauerkraut.

2. In Arkansas and parts of Peru, the Ground Hog is treated with great reverence. On February 2nd, they are given pointy little pope hats to wear. Some people genuflect as they cross in front of them.

3. In Spain, it is known as “el día de la marmota.” They celebrate by having “The Running of the Hogs.” Last year, several people had severe damage to their ankles.

4. The French celebrate by slow-roasting the Ground Hog, in a savory wine sauce. It is known as “Hog Au Vin.”

5. Ireland celebrates the day like this. They form six-man squads to sleep in a cave with the Ground Hog. They drink from sundown the night before until sunrise on the 2nd. The hog is permitted to drink, but it is not mandatory. At sunrise, they try to figure out which one of them is the Ground Hog. 

6. In New York’s trendier districts, the animal is called a Whistlepig, except in the Jewish sections where it is known as a Wood Chuck. There is a small parade, to raise awareness for freedom of choice in sexual orientation for all rodents.

7. The University of California at Berkeley continues to hold their annual sit-in, calling for an end of the abuse of shadows without their consent.

8. Del Rio, Texas ends their Chili Competition Season, with Ground Hog Chili. The animals must be hunted with guns or cars. Free-Range and Organic Hogs are exempt.

9. Canadians celebrate by coloring baby Ground Hogs and hiding them around the house, for their children or their cats to find. Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate this day, because the Bible doesn’t directly mention the coloring of rodents.

10. In Punxsutawney, Pa., there is some sort of ritual wherein the Ground Hog can either forecast the weather, or call for an immediate end to winter. The details of this are rather sketchy.


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